List Rental


Your List

Is your customer or prospect list in hard copy? Do you have drawing or sweepstake entries, survey responses or even business cards stacked up on your desk? It’s time to take that stash and turn it into cash. Our list specialists will take your information and generate an electronic database to use to your advantage. Or is your list already in an electronic format? Either way, with our postal-certified software we’ll polish your list to provide change of address information, remove duplicates, and standardize addresses. This enables us to prepare your information for processing providing you the best possible discount available for your mailpiece. Read on to find out how your mailpiece design can help you save even more of your hard earned cash!

Renting Targeted Lists

Marketing research indicates one of the most important elements of a direct mail campaign is using the right list. Targeted mailing lists can be rented for businesses, consumers or by pinpointed geographic locations. With the addition of demographic specifications such as Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, new businesses, age, household income, even movie goers, church goers or casino goers, ffi will help you target your specific market.