Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together

Leave the details to ffi and we’ll not only make your mailpiece amazing, but get it to your client on time with a professional look. Want to make your direct mailing project as effective as possible? Read on!

Personalized Letters and Other Variable Data Printing

Whether you would like to send a personalized letter for a fundraising campaign or market to a new client, research has found that a personalized letter is a very effective way to get your message across. For the personalized letter, we’ll merge the two and print the letters with a personalized address block, salutation and throughout.  We use high-speed laser printers for quality and affordability, whether you’re mailing a few letters to your prized contacts or thousands to those you’d like to make your prized customers or donors. 

Would a personalized letter with a detachable response form be the perfect solution? We can insert variable data throughout and include a remittance envelope for easy return. Your payments, product orders, or fundraiser donations will be on their way back to you lickety split. Business cards, brochures, surveys, reply envelopes or other materials? Let us put the pieces together and you’ll reap the benefits. Let us know your needs and we’ll take care of the details, no problem!


We use high-speed equipment to complete a variety of folds on paper sizes up to 11” x 17”!

  • bi-fold
  • “Z” – fold
  • “C” – fold (letter fold)
  • double-parallel fold


Want to collate personalized or generic letters, response cards, survey forms, reply or remittance envelopes, tickets, business cards, brochures or other promotional items? (Wow, this is a lot of information! We can help pull it all together for you. Call ffi now and let us take care of the details! We promise the job will be done right and at an affordable price, freeing up more time for you to get back to work or back to that comic book collection. However, you are welcome to read on!) We can collate your items in your specified order or nest them for insertion into mailing envelopes up to 12” x 15” or any size padded mailers or cartons.  Machine collating is available for 8.5” x 11” or similar standard size items.   Hand collating is available for small, oversized or odd-shaped items.


We can insert materials into envelopes of any size or type, such as window, Tyvek, clear poly bags, Poly-lite, Stay-flat, padded, gummed, pull & seal, or self-stick flaps.  Do you want to mail an invitation, greeting card, letter, booklet or catalog? How about a CD or DVD? We can also insert your materials into tubes, shipping cartons, mailers or other promotional packaging.


We can machine-seal most letter or flat-sized envelopes. Hand sealing is available for deckled edged envelopes or for envelopes containing fragile or uneven contents. Other sealing options include: affixing wafer, embossed or specialty seals along with other postal approved adhesives such as glue-dots or strips.

In case you were wondering, electrical tape, duct tape, pre-wrap tape, athletic tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, painters tape, surgical tape, packing tape, strapping tape or staples of any kind can damage postal equipment and cannot be used to seal any discount rate mailpieces.


A tab (A.K.A. wafer seal) is the perfect solution for mailing brochures, self-mailers, booklets or flyers. USPS requires that these mailpieces be sealed properly to pass through their processing machinery. To achieve the best postage rates, these items must be sealed to prevent opening and damage by high-speed postal processing equipment. The weight of paper and final fold or open edge location dictates the number and placement of tabs or wafer seals.