Mailing Services

Using ffi’s postage permit, along with running your lists through our USPS certified software to “clean up your list” (remove duplicates, standardize addresses and provide change of address information), allows you to mail at discount postage rates. This maximizes the delivery rate and minimizes the cost. What a great combination!

An important step in achieving the best postage discounts is the application of the appropriate barcode. First, our software sorts the addresses, giving the mailing one level of discount, then adds the barcode information for an even lower postage rate. In order to ensure these discounts, the USPS requires an accurate presort, and an address and barcode readability requirement of a minimum of 90%. Our quality control process has resulted in ffi achieving 99.999% acceptance rate and we’re constantly working on ways to improve that number!

If you’d like to personalize the look of the envelope we can imprint the address in colored ink or one of many fonts available including script or handwritten styles. We can also place the barcode in the bottom right corner, known as baseline barcoding, just like the post office does. These efforts, combined with the use of pre-canceled, discount rate stamps, can make the overall appearance of your mailpiece very personalized and professional.

Our discount postage options are as follows:

    • $0.374 per piece average for first class mail postage (1-5 day delivery time)
    • $0.260 per piece average for standard mail postage (2-10 day delivery time)
    • $0.148 per piece average for non-profit* postage (2-10 day delivery time)

*Authorization to claim non-profit rate postage requires pre-approval from the USPS.

Please note: Postage is quoted as an average but always charged
at the actual USPS rates (typically lower than the average).

We never mark-up postage!