Call Center

Call Center

Our call center is located in ffi’s corporate office building, just down the hall from your Project Manager. Daily communication between your Project Manager and our Call Center Agents ensures no details slip through the cracks. Your “talk track” will be customized to get your point across and we can dedicate a toll free phone line to be used exclusively for all of your call center needs.

We handle registrations for educational seminars across the country very successfully. Our agents will have the details of your events at their fingertips and share venue directions, agenda topics and menu options while capturing contact information, any permissions required or special requests. Your script will be tailored by you, ensuring our agents tell them what you want and get from them what you need.

Two days before the event, our agents call all registrants to remind them that they have a seat (or seats) reserved. This not only serves as a reminder but will also help to give you an accurate count of those planning to attend. A day before the event, we’ll send instructions to your office contact to securely download the final list of registrants, to ensure a smooth check-in.

Once your event concludes, we can follow-up with attendees to conduct a survey, set appointments, gather referrals, handle special requests or field additional questions.

Our call center is staffed Monday–Thursday, 8am-8pm ET and 8am-5pm ET on Fridays. After hours, callers are instructed to leave their name and number and will receive a return call the next business day. If your event requires additional registration hours, special arrangements can be made. Give us a ring to discuss your call center needs.