Invitation Design

Invitation Design

If you are marketing a product, sharing information, or looking to “WOW!!” with Customized Market Mail, we’ll work with you to design the perfect invitation to get your point across. Our designers will create an eye-catching invitation, geared toward your target audience, ensuring your guests have the details – leading to a well attended event.

Whether it’s marketing to prospects or just keeping in touch with your current clients, professional looking black and white letters have proven to be a very cost effective method to get your message across and yield great results.

You can choose to use a generic letter (Dear Community Member, Dear Friend, etc.) or opt for a personalized letter using your mailing list and letter template. For the personalized letter, we’ll merge the two and print the letters with a personalized address block, salutation and throughout. We use high-speed laser printers for quality and affordability, whether you’re mailing a few letters to your prized contacts or thousands to those you’d like to make your prized clients.

We’ll fold, insert into matching or window envelopes, seal, affix postage and mail at discount or regular rates. We can include business cards, brochures, surveys, reply envelopes or other materials.

Want to make a stronger impact with a vivid look? Full color postcards or other customized mailpieces are sure to capture the attention of the recipient. We’ll help you create the perfect design, then print and mail at the best discount postage rates available, ensuring your investment is small, but the impact is large and rewarding. ffi is ready to help you create a unique and effective mailpiece. Call us today!