Our Team

Our Team

Kathie Smith

Kathie has been with ffi for six years, including a number of years as a Sr. Project Manager. She brings a wealth of “operations” knowledge to the Project Management team. Kathie is always jumping in to assist with new clients or special projects, but not because of her title, just because that’s who she is. Her attention to detail is matched by her organizational skills. Clients count on her to keep tabs on the details of their projects and to help keep the seats full at their events. Kathie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics and Business from Western Michigan University. She was a manager in the Tupperware organization for twenty-two years, a department manager for a well known retail store for five years and also worked as a payroll manager for a national employment agency. She has been married for thirty-four years, has three children and five grandchildren. She enjoys cooking, scrapbooking, shopping and traveling and loves to spend time with her family. Kathie’s excellent time management skills allow her to accomplish all of these activities with ease. You’ll love how Kathie keeps your ducks in a row!

Liz Vander Sloot

Talk about energetic! Liz Vander Sloot has been a part of our First Fulfillment team since 2010 and since day one we affectionately refer to her as our “energizer bunny” as her limitless, never ending energy and enthusiasm ensures her projects are done, on time and are spot-on. Liz graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Communication. She is married and has three energetic, soccer playing children who have enjoyed their mom as their travel soccer coach for over 10 years. Before coming to ffi, Liz worked in the banking industry as a business banking officer as well as a direct representative for business sales for a local telecommunications When Liz is not running around the office getting things done in record time, you will find her training on her racing bike – she has been a top performer for the Make A Wish Foundation’s annual Bicycle Tour where she has ridden 300 miles in three days for four years in a row! Working hard for the “cause” is her greatest asset – whether it be for an ffi client or a national fundraiser, her energy is always high and her competitive edge helps her accomplish her goals – faster than you can say “Liz Vander Sloot”! You will enjoy trying to keep up with her as much as we do!

Mary Novak

Mary brings energy to the group, like no other. Up some days before 5am to teach a spinning class at a local gym, Mary’s exercise enthusiasm carries over to her work at ffi, managing her projects with vigor and customer ease in mind. Mary has an Associate of Applied Science degree and over ten years experience as a Customer Service Representative/Account manager in the manufacturing industry. Married with two children, and a true physical fitness fanatic (holding certificates as a YogaFit Instructor, Johnny G Spinning Instructor, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer), she shows her drive to excel in all that she does, in the gym and at ffi, keeping us (literally) on our toes. We’re thrilled to have Mary as a part of our team – and know you’ll love her as much as we do!